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Ad irony

November 29, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

Just saw an ad offering to help me block ads. There’s something prophetic about this. The ‘zero sum’ from the Matrix, if you will.

AS #030 – Bath ‘Mood’ Light

October 31, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

I hate the bath. Probably moreso than my children hate the bath. They have no choice in the matter. But for me, there are literally only two ways to get me in a bath: 1) Fill it with jelly, give me lots of beer, a copy of Razzle, and a […]

AS #029 – Ghost Car

October 31, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

The car is possessed. Citroen have gone too far with the Picasso Grande Megavehicule here. It’s a demon. You look at it… and the boot opens. What use is that? Just don’t look at the boot when you’re on the motorway.

AS #028 – Joey

October 31, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

Joey was a plane. Now he brings joy to kids and adults all over the world. (Well, Guernsey.) Mainly through the full-phat selection of awesome switchy goodness.

Choosing a Car – playing with StripThis!

October 31, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

So WAY back in 2005, I put together a silly little comic called Fingers. I have no idea what was going through my head at the time. I imagine it was to try and improve my photoshop skills. Pretty clear to see that it didn’t work as I still suck […]