Awesome Switches

AS #020 – Tamba Park – Jersey

November 20, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

Tamba Park is a dinosaur-themed, um, theme park. You might have thought that a park full of dinosaurs would yield all sorts of prehistoric switch-y goodness. BUT NO! Apparently the switches of awesomeness back in those times were in the mooooooood room. And hey voila – some twinky lights… on […]

Awesome Switches

AS #019 – PornDen

November 7, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

UPDATED! NOW EVEN PORNIER!!! If you need 28 seconds sleep before a long flight, then look no further than the Yotel at London Gatwick. The fact you can rent it by the hour (shorter periods may be available) doesn’t go any way to allay fears that some derisory activities may […]

Awesome Switches

AS #018 – Condor Liberation – Ferry Switch

August 17, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

Say what you will about Condor and their ‘flagship’ er – ship – but it’s still a £50m tub of gadgetry. (When it’s working, of course.) AND HERE is one such example of a bit of ye olde twitchy switchy with not only a big green button (who doesn’t love […]

Awesome Switches

AS #017 – Subtitles

February 7, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

SPECIAL MAGIC SECRET EDITION! You’d be forgiven for thinking that television software designers around the world are all sat back and thinking, yep, we can do 4K and shit, the rest don’t matter. BUT whoever designed this TV was thinking outside the tellybox. Something as insignificant as the mute button. […]

Awesome Switches

AS #015 – Screen

February 1, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

One of the best things about going to a hotel is the opportunity to discover a new awesome switch. BUT I suppose there are so many ways that hotels can awesomely switchify their rooms. Magic hiding bathrooms is one such way. I saw one in St Malo, and now this […]

Awesome Switches

As #014 – Keyless Entry – Land Rover Discovery 4

December 6, 2015 Matt Thornton 0

Let’s face it, modern autos are a goldmine of magical switches. Cars nowadays try to do as much as possible for you… auto-wipers, auto-lights… crazy. One day someone will say “Hey maybe you don’t even need to drive anymore!” Ha, yeah right. That won’t happen. (Erm.) Well, anyway, before we’re […]

Awesome Switches

AS #013 – Mixing Desk

November 26, 2015 Matt Thornton 0

AN AWESOME SWITCHE-R is always hunting. Let’s say, for example, that you’re at a fancy corporate do, penguin-suited up to the max, and knee deep in free wine and port. A “regular switche-r” would be all like “yeah great let’s get ball-bagged”… but an AWESOME SWITCHE-R never misses an opportunity […]