AS #029 – Ghost Car

October 31, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

The car is possessed. Citroen have gone too far with the Picasso Grande Megavehicule here. It’s a demon. You look at it… and the boot opens. What use is that? Just don’t look at the boot when you’re on the motorway.

AS #028 – Joey

October 31, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

Joey was a plane. Now he brings joy to kids and adults all over the world. (Well, Guernsey.) Mainly through the full-phat selection of awesome switchy goodness.

Choosing a Car – playing with StripThis!

October 31, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

So WAY back in 2005, I put together a silly little comic called Fingers. I have no idea what was going through my head at the time. I imagine it was to try and improve my photoshop skills. Pretty clear to see that it didn’t work as I still suck […]

Everything wrong with ’boutique hotels’

October 27, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

“Jolyon’s at No.10” in Cardiff is everything that’s wrong with ’boutique hotels’. There, I’ve said it. Apologies if this sounds like a splenetic, unwarranted rant… and, honestly, it’s not aimed directly at Jolyon’s… the stay itself was fine (other than a few issues as noted later) and the staff were […]