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Bloody email forwards

October 24, 2005 Matt Thornton 0

You get used to receiving these bloody email forwards, blah blah, sign this, and if you’re the 9,087th person then forward it to someone who doesn’t exist and nothing will happen. Well I got yet another one the other day, and whilst I think the idea is bollocks, it is […]

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Further idiocy.

October 20, 2005 Matt Thornton 0

So after I got entirely fucked off by my banking issues, I got stitched again, this time by Condor Ferries. Fairly simple – I need to go to England this weekend to collect my motorbike. Simple enough – I need the Saturday morning Poole-Guernsey ferry, returning Monday morning Weymouth-Guernsey. You […]

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That’s it.

October 20, 2005 Matt Thornton 2

From now on, I’m keeping all my money/savings in a brown paper bag under my mattress. What is it with banks? You try phoning them, or asking them to arrange something, but anyone would think you were holding them up at gunpoint with some sort of fully loaded semi-automatic weapon. […]

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Debt. Don’t get me started.

October 13, 2005 Matt Thornton 0

This makes me sick. People always on the blame. If you look at the BBC’s Debt & Borrowing minisite, you can read the stories people submitted about their debts. Like the woman bankrupt aged 28 or the woman who retired 100k in the red. These people all have very convincing […]