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10 Ways to be more green

July 8, 2008 Matt Thornton 0

There’s really no excuse to be wasting energy nowadays. Microsoft, of all people, have a quick and handy guide to things you can do to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and electric bill at the same time. Go to it. Copied from the article which is roughly here.

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More coffee

April 26, 2006 Matt Thornton 0

Private Sub btnSomething_Click(ByVal sender as Object, ByVal e as System.Eventargs) handles btnSomething.Click btnSomething.PerformClick() End Sub I’m thinking that’s not the correct implementation of a recursive function 😉

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Good News

November 19, 2005 Matt Thornton 0

I have just found out that a paper I submitted for publication in Computers & Geosciences has informally been accepted (whatever that means). The paper describes a geostatistical optimisation technique using anisotropy ratios for predicting directional variation in remotely sensed imagery. Watch this space for the formal acceptance!

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October 21, 2005 Matt Thornton 0

I think I might be overcomplicating my PhD thesis. A section of Chapter 4 goes as deep as

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What did I miss?

July 30, 2005 Matt Thornton 0

I’m going to try and round a few things up here, seeing as I’ve been too busy in the last little while to post here. News stuff I haven’t mentioned the bombings. And I don’t intend to, other than to say that a) I don’t agree nor condone them, b) […]

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Frightening behaviour

July 17, 2005 Matt Thornton 0

I’ve always kind of known it, but last night frankly confirmed it. There are a lot of fucking idiots out there in the world. Alright, not exactly ground breaking news. But after what I saw last night, you’ll maybe think again. It was a busy night at work, but it […]

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Coincidence shmoincidence

July 11, 2005 Matt Thornton 0

I work in a nightclub which traditionally does not get a lot of trouble. We only tend to get trouble when the “wrong” sort of people are out. When I say wrong, I won’t mince words. I mean the townies, the pikies, the chavs, the wankers. We don’t tend to […]