MySQL table name case sensitivity

October 1, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

Just encountered a fun little issue when trying to move something from a local MySQL server to a ‘Prod’ server. The difference in architecture being that dev MySQL was running on OSX whereas the ‘Prod’ MySQL was running on Linux (debian). The issue was that a lot of my queries/views/procedures […]

On Mono on a Raspberry Pi… vs Win10 IOT Core

September 30, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

Last week I posted about the setup of a RPI / Mono. Having played with a little, I’ve ultimately abandoned that line of approach. This is not directly a reflection on Mono – no doubt the team behind that have done an incredible job of developing a platform well beyond […]

iPhone backup failed restore

Setting up iPhone 7 from iPhone 6 backup

February 13, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

Have just upgraded my iPhone – from a 6 to a 7. I was wary but not too bothered about the backup/restore process as this is one thing that Apple/Mac/iPhone is usually really good at. It should just be a case of Plug in old phone. Backup Disconnect old phone. […]