gnucash + mysql + OS X 10.10: getting it running

April 7, 2015 Matt Thornton 0

This post will help you to get gnucash running with MySQL on OS X 10.10. Background I do the bookkeeping and accounts for a variety of small NFPs or charitable organisations. I recently moved my bookkeeping for these from a combination of Sharepoint (seriously) and SSRS and Excel in to […]

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Auto generate SQL audit tables and database triggers

November 28, 2012 Matt Thornton 0

One approach to monitoring version history of items in SQL tables is to use an _Audit table version with database triggers. However, the creation and maintenance of the tables and triggers can be time consuming. This post provided a nice script to automate the creation but unfortunately it suffered a […]

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Can’t alter server principal ‘dbo’

June 3, 2011 Matt Thornton 0

If you’ve encountered anything like this problem, then you may have had to update the permissions that a specific SQL login has. However, if the user you’re trying to edit is mapped to dbo, then you’re not allowed to make changes. There are ways to do it, but you need […]