SQL Server – quickly delete all tables

October 12, 2018 Matt Thornton 0

With most things in SQL Server it’s tempting to think you can script it. Because most of the time you can. Recently, I had a requirement to quickly drop everything out of a database (but without actually just dropping the whole database.) The best option I found, was: 1) In […]


Installing SharePoint in standalone / single server mode

October 12, 2018 Matt Thornton 0

In SharePoint 2016, it’s no longer possible to use PSConfig / SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard to provision a single server SharePoint Farm. You’re likely doing this because you just want a single dev environment to… do some stuff. Strangely (more like typically) Microsoft don’t make this particularly easy for you. […]

SSRS: the given path’s format is not supported

March 16, 2018 Matt Thornton 0

As an aside to my other post on SSRS in SharePoint integrated mode, this is a niggly little issue I encountered. If you find yourself needing to edit a published report and, for whatever reason can’t go back to source to make the change, then a reasonable option is to […]