Ronnie O’Sullivan is an idiot

ronnie osullivan
Image: BBC

I’m not questioning his ability on the snooker table, because he is unquestionably one of, if not the, best player the snooker world has ever seen. Natual talent and ability, entertaining and amazing power. He really used to be a role model for wannabe snooker players.

Notice I say “used” to be, though. Because frankly, I’m getting bored of him forever complaining about snooker – the sport that has made him a millionaire, given him media spotlight and made it OK to have a father in jail for murder.

Every time he finishes a match, he makes comments like “I really don’t care”, “couldn’t care less if I win or lose” and “snooker bores me now”. Example? Here to name but one. Further searches on BBC and the web will reveal similar examples.

Why? What is his problem? Why is he always feeling so bloody sorry for himself? Being an international sportsman takes hard work and commitment, but I can think of about a squillion people who would give some part of their respective genitalia to be in his position. And all he can do is whinge about it. It’s getting tiring.

“Oh my God, I’m so good, I mean, I’m obviously the best in the world, and you know, it’s really tiring and boring, and well, I dunno, I can’t deal with being so good”.


UPDATE: It seems I’m not the only one who feels this way.


  1. He looks like he’d be an absolute prick to you if you approached him in public to just say hello. Hate the bloke. Cocky, smug wanker. No need for it. Knowing he lost to an unknown newbie makes me feel warm inside. Would have loved to be a fly on his wall after that loss.

  2. Ronnie should show a bit repect for game his always say negtive things about game.but i guess thts why public love him his geuine legend with natural talent .He make game exciting.Ronnie himself has suffered with years off depression we lucky he still playing and entaining us .

  3. Totally agree with you matt!! I sympathise with the guy about his personal issues, but if he’s no longer enjoying snooker, he should stop playing, rather than spoiling it for fans! It’s shit having to listen to him whine about having to play snooker and not enjoying it whilst you’re trying to enjoy a match. He’s a spoilt brat! His behaviour during his recent 147 break vs Mark King in the World Open is a classic example – not going to pot the black because he wouldn’t get any money for it – petty! And then, when asked – ‘it must have been good to do it for the fans and get their reaction? replying ‘nah, not really’. Grow up ronnie, or just get off my tv!

  4. Fucking hell, he is only saying what most of us say about our shitty every day jobs right? Even if they make us millionaires we can still get bored of it, what’s wrong with that? So what? Why can’t he say he gets bored with it? I am a singer/songwriter and even though I love it, I get bored with that sometimes, but fuck it, it earns me a living. But god, I’ll still say I get bored of it. And thank god I don’t have people like you jumping down my throat because I say that. I’ll express myself how the hell I like and Ronnie should be able to aswell. So should you. And you have. But come on, think about it. Jesus, people should give it a rest. It’s his job and yeah, why the fuck shouldn’t he get bored with it?! Why not? Why is that so bad? I’d be the same and I don’t give a shit whether people think that’s bad or whatever. And it’s the same old story about ‘oh, a squillion people would give their lives to be in his position’. Yeah. Of course. For a while. And then they’d soon whinge about it too. We all would. Unless you’re in that position, you can’t possibly comment on what it’s like. You might just get bored too. And then have a string of people slagging you off just cause you have had a shit day and can’t be arsed with your ‘day job’ anymore. Give the guy a break, mate.

  5. Sorry to say but as a person who knows Ronnie very well, you totally have no idea the pain that “The Rocket” is in. When I speak about pain I mean emotional pain 24-7 because of his father’s imprisonment and also Ronnie is a very open individual and speaks out on his emotions and feelings, sometimes he speaks out of place but more often than not he tells it as it is. Being number 1 is good but without input from parents it means hardly anything in the world.

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