The confusion continues…

What is it with life being up and down and up and down (vaguely reminiscent of The Streets, but not quite…). One minute you’re invincible, the next you’re so depressed the blog takes a hammering. The next minute you’re on an even keel; you could flip either way, then you’re down and all of a sudden you couldn’t be more above.

It’s amazing how the human psyche processes discrete signals. It takes only the smallest, most insignificant thing, such as the arbitrary X at the end of text message, to completely flip your outlook.

But should you expect the inevitable? Because you’re up, does that mean, by default, that sooner or later you’re going down again? Has anyone ever continued on the upward spiral? Would we better off not having the ups and downs instead continuing in a controlled and non-turbulent manner, where everything is predictable and safe.


But no, surely that’s all bollocks. Without turbulence life would be so boring. It’d be like a rollercoaster that drove round in a big flat circle. And I know millions of people don’t go to Alton Towers every year to just sit on the grass.

I suppose the question is… are humans equipped enough to deal with emotional rollercoaster that each and everyone of us goes through every day? No shit, some of us are riding Nemesis and Oblivion, whereas others prefer to stay on the dodgems, but nevertheless, life is forever a mystery. Variety being the spice, and all that. But the manner with which you ride your chosen coaster, determines whether or not at the end of it you get off feeling all dizzy and throw up in the bushes, or whether you take a step back, realise it was great, and get back on again.

It is fundamentally important that we are able to take the rough with the smooth. When we’re up and we’re feeling great, there is a tendency to dismiss all that we know to be true. Experience flies out the window on the mistaken premise that we are invincible. That we’re untouchable. It’s at this point that the Oblivion releases its brakes, and it all comes crashing down and crashing down so much faster than it would have done, had we remembered to wear the seatbelt.

But likewise, if when you’re down, you lose sight of why you’re down, and that being down is nothing more than a setback, a glitch in the Matrix, in fact, nothing more than a gentle reminder that we’re not invincible that yeh it sucks now, but generally speaking, it’ll be OK, if you forget this, then you’re doomed to a life imprisoned by an insatiable mental turmoil.

It’s the ability to control the up and rationalise the down that make the great people.

If only admission to the theme park was free so we could all get a bit of practice, then things would be so much easier.