Big people vs little people

Who is the “bigger” person?

a) Someone who has a go, gives it their best shot and admits defeat
b) Someone who doesn’t bother because they know they’re going to fail?

In todays society, it seems failure comes way before achievement. The press aren’t interested in how well people tried, it’s when they go wrong that really makes the news.

What makes me mad is the scenario where people attempt something and are unable to complete it. They admit defeat and move on to something else. They are then made to feel guilty about having failed, by the very people who were too chicken to give it a shot in the first place. This is wrong.

The problem is that were you to argue with them “Well at least I had a go” they always have an immediate comeback “Yes but you failed, you’re a loser” to which there is very little that can be said. It seems the prize of succeeding is much lower than the price of failing, which is so convoluted.

So what can you say to these people? Short of “Fuck off and die, I don’t care what you think” not a lot. I don’t know how you explain why trying and failing is better than just not trying.

Any ideas?

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