The truth is actually not out there…

I’ve been reading quite a lot of philosophy recently. No major reason, just an interest of mine. I’ve been reading on many interesting topics, discussions such as time travel, relativism, why we’re here, how was the universe created etc etc.

It seems there actually are no answers. To anything. Ever. The reason is this.

Whatever question you ask, whatever scenario you try to prove, you can always “disprove” the theory by looking at the “thing” that conceptually preceded it. For example, the Universe. How was it created? The Big Bang – lots of gas and particles and so on came together. Ok, but where did the gas and particles come from? God. Ok, but where did God come from?

Even with religion in there, it is still difficult. Another example. The justification that all truth is relative. The problem here is that a non-relative statement is used to say that all statements are relative. Which is clearly false. Even the idea that only some truths/statements are relative falls on its arse because you are relying on the argument you make as the argument to justify the argument you are making (if you see what I mean).

It’s all very tricky indeed. But the more I read, the more it seems, that there really is on answer to anything. You can always come up with some argument/reason or another. The great thing about being a philosopher is that whatever is said of you, you can always always always say, “but why?” or “ok, but how did that happen?” and not be wrong.

Heck, that’s our job… :p