Why are we here?

Heh! What about that for a question! I don’t even intend to try and begin to answer it, it’s just not worth it. But you often have to beg the question, don’t you? What on earth (no pun intended) is the reason for us being here, being alive, getting on with our daily lives, so that in however many years time we can just not wake up one day and realise there was no point whatsoever. You may have sensed that no I do not believe in an afterlife (I mean this life is rubbish enough without having to endure more of the same for all eternity). For people of the same opinion as me, it surely must really bend your mind?

WHY are we here?

More importantly, does anyone care? What difference would it make if we knew why we were here? Would we do anything differently? Fatalists would say no, cynics would say yes, I’d probably say “ach, whatever”.


Ach, whatever.