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Bad Joke

August 29, 2003 Matt Thornton 0

Alastair Campbell has quit his job as strategy manager for the PM. Many believe the increasing stress of the Hutton Inquiry forced him to leave. In an interview, he was asked if would be able to leave within 45 minutes.

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August 25, 2003 Matt Thornton 2

I spent a very frightening proportion of last week drunk. Friday was a gig. Got battered went to bed at 4am. Saturday my mate was around. Got battered went to bed at 4am. Sunday was, well, Sunday. Got battered (on my own!) and went to bed at about 3am. That’s […]

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Moving on

August 19, 2003 Matt Thornton 1

After a couple of years, I have resigned my post as Advisor at Sitepointforums. It’s been a long and fun journey, but I have new horizons and goals and all that, so it was the right time for me. It’s a great resource for webmaster related things, so if you […]