D-Link DWL-G520+ on Windows XP, BSOD on shutdown? – setup help

I recently had the dubious pleasure of buying and setting up a new computer for a friend of mine. As a skinflint, his budget was tight, and he
wanted to reuse as much from his old PC as possible, which included his rather dated D-Link DWL-g520+ PCI wireless card. Getting it working was a bit of a nightmare, but I finally did, so hopefully some of the following will be of use. All the drivers and files needed are in a zip file at the end.

The new PC came preloaded with XP (which was good – I thought I was going to have to downgrade a Vista install.) and SP2. I installed the D-Link card and booted Windows. It was recognised by device manager but wasn’t installed. And the Add New Hardware wizard didn’t help either. It couldn’t install it automatically, and its pleadings to connect to the Internet to do it still make me chuckle (we’re trying to install the thing that allows it to connect to the Internet!).

Anyway, I downloaded the drivers from the D-Link website. Although they installed fine, the device “couldn’t start”. No good. After a bit of searching around on the Internets, I found a set of US Robotics drivers that apparently would work. And indeed, they did. The card started, I was on the Internet and all was looking fine. I even did a bunch of Windows Updates. Mistake. Somewhere along the lines – installing XP SP3 probably and various other configuration tasks (removing all the software that is pre-installed that you never want), installing the updates and generally sorting things out, I started to get a problem – whenever you tried to shutdown the machine, or restart the machine, you would, at some point get a blue screen of death (BSOD) with the message BAD_POOL_HEADER with fault number of 0x00000019. BSODs are not uncommon and my instinct was to do with the wireless card. There are a number of pages on the Interwebs about similar problems – including a big one afflicting Win2k3 server for which there is a hotfix – but for XP, it didn’t seem right. My fears were concerned when disabling the D-Link card – the ‘puter would shutdown or restart with no problems. After further searching, I found a set of D-Link drivers that looked like they would work. (I can’t now find where I got them from, sorry.) And although they did install, and the card seemed happy, the computer would see wireless networks, but it just wouldn’t connect to any of them. However, the fix was to re-install the original D-Link driver pack – not for the drivers, but for the D-Link wireless configuration utility. In fact it doesn’t seem like a config utility seeing as there’s no GUI. I guess it’s just some kind of connection helper.

Anyway, with that running, Windows will connect to any network and… the computer will shutdown or restart with no BSOD. Result. This took me about 3 hours to figure out with all the searching and rebooting, but actually it seems like a fairly straightforward fix. In the zip file is everything you need, which can be found at: [download id=”1″].


1) Since switching to a Mac a few years ago, I had completely forgotten how much of a hassle configuring Windows PCs is.
2) Searching for drivers is a nightmare.
3) The original D-Link drivers I was using was for the DWL-520(+) which are here. There are actually drivers for the DWL-G520+ here but when I try to download them I get a 550 No Permission error. So if you could actually download those, they might work absolutely fine and make all of the above completely redundant – someone let me know!


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