Safari hiding png images! WHAAAT?!

So this just perplexed me for a while.

<img src="bob.png" alt="bob" />

Nothing wrong with that right? Worked great in Chrome but Safari… no image.

A quick look in the Developer console in Safari showed something weird – the img tag was being appended with all sorts of crap.

display: none !important; visibility: hide; opacity: 0

etc. Brain clearly not engaged, I figure this was something buried in the Bootstrap core CSS that hid images from a footer. Dunno why, but hey. So I tried all manner of CSS to try and get it to show.

Then the brain DID engage and obviously it was entirely nothing to do with the HTML or CSS or Bootstrap… it was AdBlock. Disable AdBlock and boom, images aplenty. Annoying. Especially as AdBlock is installed in Chrome, also. (Why does AdBlock in Chrome differ from the way it detects versus Safari? Another day, maybe.)

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