Pure Gold scammery – scammees fight back

It’s not a new concept to fight the scammers, but it’s something I’d forgotten about. Sites devoted to the wonder of the 419 style scam are plentiful, but there’s none better than 419 Eater. Chock full of scammers getting a spoonful of their own, you could spend weeks and weeks on the site and not have finished reading. So I’ll save you a little time – the best I have come across is right here, entitled Busted!. Sheer genius for these reasons:

1. He gets the scammer to send him a hand carved picture of his own head
2. He gets the scammer to (at least pretend to) paint a mural of a fake book cover
3. He gets the scammer to re-enact the famous Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch, with Nigerian actors and everything
4. Tells the scammer directly, that he enjoys bestiality pr0n
5. Strings the scammer out for over 8 months (at least) wasting huge amounts of time

Shiver Metimbers, Sir, I salute you!

And on a related note: what happens when an eBay sale for an Apple Powerbook goes wrong. Wrong for the scammer, that is. You end up with a $550 debt and a P-P-P-Powerbook. Read it to the end, it’s worth it. What’s worrying, however, is the conclusion. (I won’t spoil it.) But seriously – anyone got any news?

Top work people. I’m seriously considering getting involved next time I receive a Father Brother Dr Dougal McMikeMatthew Dave wants to give you $8000m dollars type email.

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