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Digital Fortress code (aka "Ultimate Code")


Deception Point code

Get the unofficial da Vinci Code eBook! Answers all your questions, including Digital Fortress and Deception point codes and all proceeds go to a designated charity.

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The da Vinci code. A great book. Please use the Amazon links at the top to buy it!


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If you enjoyed my guide to the first da Vinci code, then here is my guide to the second da Vinci code.

This is the original and best da Vinci code walkthrough on the web. Ignore all those people who just steal my work!

N.B. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me thanking me for this guide. To all those people who have emailed me with abuse about the morality of posting this guide on the web - please - save your energy. The number of people who are pleased to have this guide far outweigh you and as I originally stated:

If you don't want the answers, don't continue!

If you do feel the need to insult me, I would be most grateful if you could come up with something original and vaguely imaginative. Abuse such as calling me ugly/gay/stupid/wanker will not command any respect. Additionally, levelling your abuse by trying to sound intellectually superior (commonly through the use of big words, clever speech and setting me challenges) rarely has the intended result (especially if you're too ignorant to include a valid email address for me to respond to).

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