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I finally moved my Music library to a NAS

January 29, 2021 Matt Thornton 0

A vaguely tech-related philosophical-ish thought-piece. Tedious irrelevant tech challenge #7582: I still buy music. On physical media. CD mainly. Tedious philosophical quandry #29: are streaming services eroding our emotional connection with music? I don’t know why I still buy physical media. The economics of it don’t really make sense when […]

GoPro still has an issue with some SanDisk SD cards

January 23, 2021 Matt Thornton 0

In true form for this blog of documenting obscure things that will be inconsequential to 99.999999% of normal people, here’s (yet) another. My — well-documented on Twitter, but as yet undocumented here — fallout with Drift Innovation’s Ghost cameras led me to emergency buy three GoPro Hero Session cameras – […]

Installing Disney+ app on a Sony Bravia 4k television

January 3, 2021 Matt Thornton 0

Well this was a “fun” little technology frustration. We wanted to get the Disney+ app on our Sony Bravia 4K HDR television – specifically – the Sony KD-55XD8005. By all accounts, Disney+ is supported on all Android-based televisions and ours is Android. Have heard from plenty of other people who […]