Dear TripAdvisor, your systems have gone rogue

September 4, 2018 Matt Thornton 0

What happens when you let machine learning type automated systems run your consumer communications. Review sites need little in the way of introduction about their popularity or indeed importance to the fabric of the modern Internet. The majority of my online shopping is done on Amazon or eBay and the […]

Everything wrong with ’boutique hotels’

October 27, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

“Jolyon’s at No.10” in Cardiff is everything that’s wrong with ’boutique hotels’. There, I’ve said it. Apologies if this sounds like a splenetic, unwarranted rant… and, honestly, it’s not aimed directly at Jolyon’s… the stay itself was fine (other than a few issues as noted later) and the staff were […]

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Define irony

September 10, 2009 Matt Thornton 1

I’m an avid recycler. In fact, I now actually cringe if I have to put a glass, plastic bottle or tin can in the regular trash. I go so far as to take my recyclable rubbish with me if I’m not able to recycle it there on the spot. I […]