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Sample Python code to query Wunderlist API

December 30, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

So I’ve been working on a simple application at home, part of which I want a list of items, which I want to be able to control from Wunderlist. As a relative novice to Python, I was looking around for some pre-built library that I could just plug in to […]

gnucash + mysql + OS X 10.10: getting it running

April 7, 2015 Matt Thornton 0

This post will help you to get gnucash running with MySQL on OS X 10.10. Background I do the bookkeeping and accounts for a variety of small NFPs or charitable organisations. I recently moved my bookkeeping for these from a combination of Sharepoint (seriously) and SSRS and Excel in to […]

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Tip: Visual Studio + Batch replace GUIDs

August 1, 2011 Matt Thornton 2

A common method for creating Visual Studio-based SharePoint solutions is to actually create them in the SharePoint GUI first, and then save the site as a template, and import that .wsp file in to Visual Studio as a SharePoint project. This often saves a lot of the hard slog of […]

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Powershell tip for updating document sets

July 20, 2011 Matt Thornton 11

If you’re using the handy Document Sets feature in SharePoint 2010 you may run in to a small issue where you make some changes to your document set (e.g., add/remove content types from the allowed contents). When you do this, and push changes down to existing document sets, you’ll see […]