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Force comment entry when editing a list item

February 10, 2010 Matt Thornton 0

Quick tip: custom lists are a great way to store data about a business process or operation that doesn’t necessarily fit in a standard list. They can be used to store virtually any type of data, that makes sense in list form. For instance, you might record the configuration details […]

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Workflow error help: failed on start and more

July 16, 2009 Matt Thornton 6

One of the major selling points of SharePoint is the power of workflows. Designing very basic sequential workflows in Sharepoint Designer 2007 is a very straightforward task using the workflow designer wizard. But unfortunately straightforward is the key word here, as you are limited by the functionality available to you […]

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Business Data Catalog tips, hints and errors

July 14, 2009 Matt Thornton 0

A few tips/hints from my experience in working with the Business Data Catalog Definition Editor to create line of business (LOB) application definition files for use in Sharepoint MOSS 2007. 1. Create a SpecificFinder method – by default, BDC DE doesn’t create a SpecificFinder method. You’ll need one for use […]