Dear TripAdvisor, your systems have gone rogue

September 4, 2018 Matt Thornton 0

What happens when you let machine learning type automated systems run your consumer communications. Review sites need little in the way of introduction about their popularity or indeed importance to the fabric of the modern Internet. The majority of my online shopping is done on Amazon or eBay and the […]

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La Village Cancalais, Cancale, France

July 17, 2018 Matt Thornton 0

We needed an ’emergency’ night due to an issue with a part of our ‘main’ holiday booking. Found this on and the photos and location looked good and near to the port in St Malo so decided to take a punt. Top tip #1 though – book direct with […]

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Monterey Hotel, St Helier, Jersey

February 13, 2018 Matt Thornton 0

We were on a long weekend (2 adults, 2 young kids) from a neighbouring island. Looking for a little somewhere to hide and relax for a few days. We might normally have considered somewhere more – what we would thought would be – ‘upmarket’ – but given the prices decided […]

Everything wrong with ’boutique hotels’

October 27, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

“Jolyon’s at No.10” in Cardiff is everything that’s wrong with ’boutique hotels’. There, I’ve said it. Apologies if this sounds like a splenetic, unwarranted rant… and, honestly, it’s not aimed directly at Jolyon’s… the stay itself was fine (other than a few issues as noted later) and the staff were […]

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Jolyon’s at No.10, Cardiff, Wales

October 27, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

Pretentious boutique nonsense. There’s nothing ’boutique’ about this hotel. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it either – we had a perfectly OK stay – but it’s just an overpriced modern hotel and doesn’t have any of the features that you might expect from a boutique hotel – and certainly not […]

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Camping Bel, Tranche sur la Mer, France

August 9, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

This review is written from the perspective of being a first holiday park holiday and similarly the first at a Eurocamp. Our party was two adults and two young children (3 and 1). The booking experience with Eurocamp was good – they’ve invested a lot in their website which makes […]

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Hotel Nouveau Le Monde, St Malo, France

July 21, 2014 Matt Thornton 0

I read somewhere that it was recently refurbished, and it’s fair to say this is true and it was refurbished to a very high standard and merits its 4* (or higher) rating. All the staff were very friendly although with a mixed level of English. If you know a bit […]