Blog madness

Have you noticed how many squillions of blogs have recently appeared on the ‘net? And the thing I’ve noticed, is that there an awful lot of these weird “self-loathing popbitch depressing fuck you and your fucking paperboy” attitude.

For example, I came across, today. The girl is fit, and her blog is interesting. I was reading her FAQ and there’s a bit there about why doesn’t she smile more. And she answered with “well I don’t like very many people”. I just found this a little weird. And then I remember an Angry White Girl or similar blog which managed to get a bit of a cult following, just because some teenaged dyke in America knew how to type the word “fuck” every other sentence. I know a lot of blogs are either by 12 year old kiddies who want to tell everyone that they saw a purty liddl’ laddybug today or the other shitload by webgeeks/professionals trying to sound really intelligent just because they’ve read some article off of The Reg or otherwise and are able to spout it in some pseudo-egotistical self-servicing blowjob ritual.

It’s weird. I promised myself I’d keep the personal stuff out of this because that’s dull (but failed!) and I’m not gonna talk geek unless I really have to. Most of my witterings are gonna be some intro-spective ramblings about why everything is shite, and I have no idea why.

What, physiologically, about writing a blog is it that makes you pour your heart out to a computer, letting the nonsense Dawsons Crack half of your psyche take over, turning you from a rock ‘ard player to a gibbering little girl… just so others can then read about how pathetic you are and laugh at you?

Why the fuck do people write blogs? Why? A diary maybe, because that is just you and yourself and no-one else (unless you hide it in your sock draw, which, quite frankly is dumb, because your 13 year old brother will find it, will steal it, will plaster it across the ‘net before he’s blackmailed you out of your pocket money for the next decade). What is the point of a public blog when you’ve pretty much got to sensor any really juicy dirt that may have happened to you on the 1ingaziliion offchance that that person actually reads it.

Maybe that is a different argument altogether? Perhaps there are people out there who simply do not care that if they write “X is a complete tool” in their blog and X happens to read it (and X happens to beat the hell out of said author or not) they would be OK (besides the beating?). Are there people with that little conscience? Is it conscience, or law of averages?

Or are all blogs essentially hipocritical junk, devoid of any honesty? Let’s face it, a diary/journal is nothing without an honest outlook on the course of ones’ life. So are all weblogs junk?

Or I suppose, more importantly. Who cares? Is that enough rationale? Isn’t that enough rationale for anything in life? As Sheryl Crow said “If it makes you happy”.