Have finally found a use for Siri

I’ve had an iPhone for numerous years, and quite frankly the various ‘improvements’ along the way have made little different to my life. iMessage is OK I guess – but nothing much else has done anything for me. It still makes phone calls, and sends texts, and sort of browses the web a bit. And keeps me busy in the toilet for a few minutes every day.

But Siri is one thing I’ve never found a decent use for. The only thing I used it regularly for was to set a reminder for my car clock after parking. Whilst walking away from the car, using Siri to ‘set reminder for 2 hours’ etc. worked pretty well. Beyond that, I felt you had to be an egotistical tit to use voice commands on a phone in public.

Until now, though. Having recently swapped out the head unit in my car – preferring a Pioneer DEH8700BT over an Alpine CDE9000R. Why? Because of the Bluetooth functionality. Where I live, car journeys are always short. Never more than 20 minutes. (It’s physically impossible unless you’re just driving round in circles.) So faffing with iPods and CDs and long playlists in the car is not the pleasure it can be with long drives ahead. Instead, the ‘get in car phone automatically hooks to head unit music starts playing’ action of a bluetooth head unit is excellent. Whatever was playing before on the music / youtube / Spotify / Amazon Music app – just plays through the head unit. Amazing.

But with the Pioneer head unit – I can now take that a step further. Using iPhone Direct and Pioneer’s ‘Siri Eyes Free’ baked in – I can now adjust what’s playing using voice commands – i.e,. Siri. Just push and hold the main dial on the head unit, wait for the tell-tale Siri bing-bong and tell her to play whatever’s floating your boat. All music shuffled? ‘Play some music’. Got some anger? ‘Play death magnetic album by Metallica.’ Feeling vibes? ‘Play some Jurassic 5.’ And naturally, it’s only limited by what Siri can do. So if you want to make a phone call? Do it. Send a message? Do it. All through the head unit and phone.

(And for a £100 head unit – this is pretty special.)

So there, finally a use for Siri.

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