Blast from the past

One of the funniest TV shows ever: Whose Line Is It Anyway? Friday night, around 1030pm was always a humourous time if you weren’t our drinking (in which case, it was perfect hangover fodder for the morning after.)

And if you didn’t know, the (original) UK version was a lot better than the US version, despite featuring the majority of the same, predominantly American or Canadian, comedians. Richard Vranch (on the piano) was one of the smoothest men on television.

Heaps more at YouTube. What’s fantastic about the show is, because it’s all improvisation, you get genuine, fresh comedy, from genuine, fresh comedians. So rather than relying on a script as a lot of entertainers do nowadays, you get to see if people are genuinely funny.

And who better to illustrate my point, than Robin Williams:

Pure gold.

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