Car head units for 2g iPod Touch and iPhone 3G

I’m loving my 2nd gen / 2g iPod Touch, to such an extent that I really want to have it in my car. My existing head unit will take an AUX in, but that’s really not good enough for my tastes. So I started doing some research in to which head units would work because, and here’s the kicker, the majority of “made for iPod” head units – i.e., iPod compatible – won’t work with the 2g iPod Touch and the iPhone 3g (mainly due to Apple changing the connectors for these devices.) There was supposed to be a complete list of compatible units here but that link has been down for ages.

So, unfortunately, unless it specifically says “works with iPhone 3G” you must assume that the head unit will NOT work the iPod Touch or the iPhone 3G – note that original iPhones and 1G iPod Touch WILL work with “made for iPod” head units – it is specifically the 2g iPod Touch and iPhone 3G that will not work.

So here is a work-in-progress list of head units that will work with the iPhone 3G and the 2G iPod Touch. If you know of more, please leave a note in the comments and I will update the list. Also, if you have any experience with any of these units, please let me know!


2g iPod Touch and iPhone 3g compatible car stereo / head units

Alpine iDA-X303
Alpine iDA-X305

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