Logical argument

You decide. Which argument makes sense:

A form is submitted to one part of a company, whose responsibility is to check it, then before a certain deadline, submit it to another department in the same company for processing.

In this instance, the form was submitted on time to the first department was then tardy, meaning department no.2 could not process it in time, meaning end result of submitting the form was delayed.

Argument no.1:

I don’t care which department screwed up, the company itself is at fault and I will therefore shout at department no.2 since they are customer relations point. The justification that they had not received the form is meaningless since I don’t care about their internal procedures; I just want my form processed in a timely manner. Instead of justification they should apologise profusely and explain how they will rectify the situation.

Argument no.2:

Department no.2 was not at fault since they did not receive the form on time. Therefore I will speak politely to the department 2, explain my grief and attempt to get hold of department no.1 who will not speak to the outside world and in which case, my frustration at the companys screwup will likely go unnoticed.

Which is the right argument?

The reason I say this is because I just sat through a colleague in my office having the exact predicament with department no.2 (i.e. he chose argument no.1). He was outrageously rude; called their procedures digusting and generally was a bit of a wanker about it all. When he got off the phone, I asked him if he thought his treatment of the girl on the end of the phone was acceptable, he explained his predicament. Was it his fault that the company screwed up and that he wouldn’t be paid on time this month? No. Did he care who had screwed up? No. Did his argument make sense? Yes. Did I agree with it? No. He chose no.1 and I think I would have chosen no.2.

I think this issue boils down to rationale again. How critically do you take everything that you encounter in day to day life? At what point is a human able to make the distinction about being a part of the system or being against it; about being able to take the things on the nose or make everything a battle. At what point does anyone switch off and start living life?

Having focus in your life is very important. Many people, I think, are too concerned with the little things. People worry a lot. But it is the little trivial things that bog us down. It is the big, important things that make us who we are, and more importantly why we are.

But without the little things, the big things would be meaningless and inconsequential.

Where do you draw the line?