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I’ve been using the Thornton Technical CMS on this site and Four Shore for nearly 3 years. It started out as a simple way for me to publish those two sites (and as something of a challenge to see if I could write a decent CMS). And whilst I had some vague plans to continue its development work, neither of the sites particularly demanded it, so after the initial couple of versions, it’s sat in the same state ever since. In that time, I’ve been using WordPress on a few other sites – it’s always been my blog of choice – and it’s now so full featured so that little compares to it.

I’m slowly updating all my sites so the focus of each is clearer and part of that was to import some of the technical posts from my personal site to here, which seemed like a good time for me to port this site to WordPress. Which is what I’ve done! I’ve kept the same design and now it’s just a case of fine tuning the CSS from the default WordPress and the ttCMS version to play nicely with each other.

But in the meantime, RIP ttCMS – you’ve been a good servant over the years – please enjoy your time in the great recycle bin in the sky.

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