Personal update

Well with the inroduction of the new super-sexy and imaginatively titled “Personal” section and my apologies (really, I am sorry) for having contaminated said blog with said personal ramblings, I thought it high time to have a bit of a run through all things personal since the last time I did it (which was about 6 months when I had that old b2).

So if you’re really that bored, peruse at your leisure….

So what gives? Not a huge amount. About the best thing that is happening to me at the moment is the band. We had our second gig last weekend, which whilst, there was no-one listening (the cheeky rotten swines were outside enjoying the sunshine, how dare they…) we played really well… I mean, really, who needs an audience. [ed. er us, please. Ta.]

So that was that. In fact it was a pretty crazy weekend all round, I was pretty much shitfaced for the entirety of it, and it’s now Thursday following it, and I’m still hungover every morning (because I am still going out on the piss every night like it’s the weekend. Not good.) And shit. It is nearly the next weekend. School has been a waste of time this week (because I can’t concentrate because my head is buggered from all the alcohol I have been making it swim around in) and it’s pretty bloody hot outside which means I am stickier than a big stick skiing on a hot cross bun down a wet tar covered hill. Or words to that effect. Well sticky. It’s surprisingly difficult to work when you have to readjust your gonads every 30 seconds. [ed. shit. I thought I had escaped a hangover. It’s just kicking in now. Bugger. OOh, this is different, head rush.]

Right, where was I? Oh yeh, my nads. And lack of work. Maybe the fact that it’s 1240 on a Thursday and I’m filling in my blog is a bad sign? Ach, I’ll worry about that later.

What else? Well I’ve done pretty much nothing webwise for a while. I’ve been gradually putting together the stuff for the band, oh and I guess, getting this site up and running (which isn’t exactly a mission when you point a script at a dir and click “Install”). I’m still getting a shit load of hits on which is cool, which makes me thing I really must put up some new content and sort out the surf portfolio. The reviews bit of is up, though there aren’t many reviews in. I just literally found that script I had written about 6 months ago, wondered if it’d work, and it, er, did, [fast show voice]which was nice[/voice].

Still bored and still single. I guess that cuts it. I am generally pretty bored. Or boring? What do they say? Only boring people get bored… I say “fuck you, I’m interesting YOU are boring”. Not you, the reader, I mean, you as in they, you know, them the wider audience. I wonder if this hole will echo.

Back to work.