Sons of Anarchy Season 7

SO OK… I’m way behind the times, but I finally got around to finishing Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. Usual sort of binge-watching-series-that-should-probably-have-quit-3-seasons-ago delusion had set in, and whilst I had a duty to find out what happened to Jax et al, it wasn’t right up there on the priority list.

NEVERTHELESS, it’s done and I’m pleased. The first few episodes of the 13 episode concluding season were a bit tedious but as the storyline moved away from the generic gang vs gang vs gang vs misc nasty businessman and misunderstanding and killing and shooting with a bit of porn and then something else equally confusing, and more towards tidying up the far more interesting loose ends of Jax and his family, it got more interesting. On a carnage and brutality level, it was probably the highest of all seasons – I’d wager the body count was definitely right up there and whilst not totally eclipsing the serving-fork-through-the-skull ending of Season 6, cumulatively, this was gore-tactic. You decide if that’s a good thing.

AND WHILST the climax of the season was inevitable and predictable, it was ultimately quite fitting and probably a satisfactory way to put the season to bed. Despite the fact that he’s a barbaric murderer that prevailing feeling of Jax being a good guy remained to the end and there was a sadness and sense of nostalgia as the final credits rolled. That the patch and the family don’t mix, that a hard man MC guy can still be a father, that good can come from bad, was all evocatively delivered through Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) moody and pained countenance.

WHICH OF COURSE is completely ruined when you remember that his big break came in Byker Grove.

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