The Odeon website is teh suxx0r

Excuse the title. Got carried away. As a web geek, I have been experiementing with Mozilla’s latest browser offering, Firebird. However, as has long been the case with many of today’s websites standardisation and compliance seems like a lost cause with many people. I’m not gonna get into the ifs, buts, whens and whats about the duty of todays web designers to design to compliance 😉 but it does irk me somewhat when I come across a “big” website, which frankly, doesn’t give a t0ss about half its potential market.

/wait for it :p

Take for example the Odeon. Apart from their website generally being a big pile of old tosh anyway (I’ve never been able to book tickets), it _simply_doesn’t_work_in_Firebird. No “we’re sorry” message – it just chokes and offers NO solution (short of trusty ol’ Internet Explorer *cough* horrible *cough*. But! It doesn’t even work properly in that! For me, IE6 and WinXP their menu thing at the top goes the wrong way and I can’t access any of the options. I didn’t think it was possible, but they’ve got a site that won’t work in IE!

But what is irritating, is when the Odeon website was first released, some 5 or so years ago, I emailed them and told them it didn’t work in Nutscrape. I got some standard reply “Yes, we’re sorry about that, erm, we promise to look into it, honest” which of course never happened. So, when we found out the site now chokes in Firebird, we let them know. I don’t believe for a second they’d do anything about it so it is our duty [can I get a “hurrah” ?] to do something about it.

Therefore, everybody fire off an email to the Odeon complaining about their crappy website and tell them to ballywell fix it. I suggest you use this template!. HURRAH!

P.S. *ahem* their email address is *ahem*

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  1. Odeon cinemas UK are actively shutting down the webpages of
    disabled people in the UK. Any pages that mention or link
    to the Odeon website are being targetted.
    One disabled boy (Matthew Somerville) developed a special film
    website for the disabled. It linked to Odeon UK as a courtesy
    but they demanded it be shut down and taken from the web due
    to illegal copyrights.

    BASTARDS! And they are only targetting the disabled, not
    normal people who can fight for themselves. That is why
    we are sending this message…

    It’s time to start an internet campaign, we must correct this
    injustice! We demand the following…

    b) Luke Veteres resignation
    b) Odeon to publically apologise to the disabled boy
    Mattew Somerville for their insulting behaviour.
    c) Odeon to immediately fix their website so it works
    with all browsers such as Mozilla (and all Gecko based),
    Netscape 3/4, Safari, Lynx, HotJava, WebTV, Wap and Mosaic.

    What should you do?
    a) Mail Luke Vetere at and tell him he’s a
    fucking bastard. A template letter might be

    Dear Luke Vetere,
    You are a fucking bastard. You have no right to shut down
    the homepage of the disabled boy Matthew Somerville. I
    demand you re upload his site immediately. Until you do
    I will not visit Odeon cinemas UK

    b) Send this mail to everybody you know (several times so they
    get the message) and ask them to do the same

    Together we can beat the bastards!

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