Truth or dare?

Is there *any* point whatsoever in not being truthful? Or at the very least, being economical with the truth?

For example, you ask a simple question; you expect a simple answer. Look at it from a relationship perspective, if someone asks you if “you like them” i.e. are you interested in furthering things and you have absolutely no interest, what is the point in skirting around the issue in an attempt to give a non-descript, slightly wayward non-committal answer?

OK, we all know the answer… that is that as humans with this built in conscience/guilt/moral servitude thing, if we know that if that person isn’t going to like the answer we’re about to give, then we want to try and give it in such a way that their feelings are not hurt by it.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it, and I am sure a fair few have got the t-shirt in the process. I know I have at least (built a whole fucking wardrobe out of it).

But the question is: does it really do any good? By cushioning the impact do we really think we achieve anything? At the base of it all; the answer is the same. No ifs or buts. The answer is the same.

The only reprehensible reason for this behaviour that I can come up with is some human need to maintain an err of “being the good guy”. If you cushion the blow in such a way as to not come across as the asshole, then you’re protecting your rep, your ego and your self-esteem. Hell, not just protecting, shit no… attempting to increase it.

Is that not wholly selfish? Caught in a position where you have to give “bad” news to someone, rather than doing the decent thing and being open and honest about it.. we take it a step further as a fucking PR exercise.

Man I hate the human race.