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We are the mushrooms.

September 22, 2008 Matt Thornton 0

So remember I mentioned the CI Cup? Well, we won. That’s right. Oh yes. Writeups: here and here. And yet more coverage in the Guernsey Press, where I somehow found my ugly mug (albeit in fortunately low-resolution) on both the front and back pages. Awesome. P.S. Fcking get in there!

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Famous. Again.

September 15, 2008 Matt Thornton 0

Ahh, the pressures of being a cricketing supergod. Perhaps not. But still, it’s always nice to get written up in the paper. ESPECIALLY when they get your name right. (Third time lucky.)

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Matt on BBC website

September 1, 2008 Matt Thornton 2

OK, so it’s nothing major, but I got a small mention on the sport section of the BBC website, as part of its coverage of the Channel Islands Cup, in which I am playing, for PKF Wanderers. The standard of cricket we play in Guernsey is very good and it’s […]