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SharePoint + Visual Studio + Get Current User

May 4, 2011 Matt Thornton 1

A frequently asked question in the MSDN forums is “how you can get access to the user who is interacting with your workflow?”. For example, the user modifying a task. The workflow is likely running in a different context and/or session to your browser session so there’s not an obvious […]

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new SPSite – FileNotFoundException

February 2, 2011 Matt Thornton 12

It seems to me that every SharePoint developer, at some point in their career, will encounter this particular error. It’s one of those infuriatingly obtuse errors that could be caused by a multitude of different issues – either individually or cumulatively. In my case, I was in the middle of […]

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Quick tip: Use OVER to get row numbers in subsets

December 10, 2010 Matt Thornton 0

Consider the following. You have a set of data. Within the data are multiple subsets that share an identifier. WIthin your main set, you need to number the subsets for each item within it, e.g., Data ID SubsetID Name Lots more columns… ———- ———– 1 ABC Dave 2 DEF Trev […]