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Guide: MOSS 2007 Multiple site collections on Port 80

December 9, 2010 Matt Thornton 0

Requirement: multiple site collections on port 80 on unique URLs in SharePoint 2007, e.g,. http://democlient1, http://someotherdemo The scenario: you have one development machine which you use for multiple clients. Because of this, you want to host multiple site collections and allow a unique URL for each, without having to specify […]

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Reporting a product bug to Microsoft

March 12, 2010 Matt Thornton 0

I needed to update our installation of SQL Server 2008 to include Integration Services so that maintenance plans would run. I have local admin privilege on the machine, but as with most Microsoft related installation tasks, you routinely get so far through the process and you’re hit with the SeSecurityPrivilege […]

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Workflow error help: failed on start and more

July 16, 2009 Matt Thornton 6

One of the major selling points of SharePoint is the power of workflows. Designing very basic sequential workflows in Sharepoint Designer 2007 is a very straightforward task using the workflow designer wizard. But unfortunately straightforward is the key word here, as you are limited by the functionality available to you […]

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Microsoft software: an example

September 10, 2008 Matt Thornton 0

The “I hate Microsoft brigade” vs the “I love Microsoft brigade” have debated for eons the merits of the company. The argument will rage until you and I are long gone. Personally, I don’t hate Microsoft as a corporation, I’m by no means their biggest fan, but I have no […]