gnucash + mysql + OS X 10.10: getting it running

April 7, 2015 Matt Thornton 0

This post will help you to get gnucash running with MySQL on OS X 10.10. Background I do the bookkeeping and accounts for a variety of small NFPs or charitable organisations. I recently moved my bookkeeping for these from a combination of Sharepoint (seriously) and SSRS and Excel in to […]

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New Apple TV sized doorstop

December 27, 2010 Matt Thornton 0

My Apple-powered home continues to grow – to go with the medley of Apple powered computers, screens and wireless kit, I’ve just added an Apple TV. I previously had no interest in them since as I really only use iTunes for music, and still haven’t bought in to the whole […]

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iTunes Add To Library Hint

February 17, 2009 Matt Thornton 0

Let’s say that you happened to have a folder of MP3s somewhere. Perhaps on a disc. Perhaps on a drive. Perhaps it was on a friend’s computer. Perhaps there were literally tons of awesome albums that you would quite like. You know, for, erm, backup purposes. Well you might get […]

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Firefox tip and Google UK search add-on

February 10, 2009 Matt Thornton 0

I keep forgetting a nifty thing about Firefox. You have the quick search area at the top right corner of the browser. When you’re visiting a page that has a search box, if you click the icon to the left of the box, you might see the option to add […]

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My iPhone experience

October 23, 2008 Matt Thornton 3

As a fully-fledged Apple fanboi (as the idiots would call me), I was waiting with great anticipation for the iPhone to arrive in my area. In mainland UK, the iPhone is locked to o2, but here in Guernsey, we have three mobile carriers (none of which are o2) so there […]