Basic web scraping with a Raspberry Pi, Python and Requests

January 6, 2019 Matt Thornton 10

Update: 2020-04-13. Article has been overhauled and republished here! Includes Python3 updates, Dropbox uploading and a code repo. I’m leaving the below in place for background, info and posterity and for misc useful tidbits. Update: 2019-05-13 – this has been edited to fix a little bug in the code transcript. […]

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Sample Python code to query Wunderlist API

December 30, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

So I’ve been working on a simple application at home, part of which I want a list of items, which I want to be able to control from Wunderlist. As a relative novice to Python, I was looking around for some pre-built library that I could just plug in to […]