SharePoint Features + Renaming

August 5, 2015 Matt Thornton 0

This is a fun one. In some of our Visual Studio solutions we use the period character – “.” – for project naming which broadly reflects the namespaces in use. However, this causes issues for Visual Studio namely in the ability to rename features. So when you create a feature, […]


Sharepoint 2010 + Internal Field Name Max Length

August 4, 2015 Matt Thornton 1

Little reminder about something that has just kept me busy for the last hour or so – internal field names in SharePoint lists have a max length of 32 characters. SharePoint treats this a little bizarrely – it will create the column but then truncate the internal field name. Thus […]

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Two useful SharePoint Powershell links

August 22, 2014 Matt Thornton 0

I continue to do some work in SharePoint 2010 which means I continue to trip over weird issues. Issue 1: Error creating content type. A duplicate content type was found. Matt covers this issue: If you’ve gotten this error and come to this site looking for answers, chances are it […]

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SharePoint list views filtered by date AND time

January 31, 2014 Matt Thornton 2

There are a huge number of articles out there discussing how to create (semi-) dynamic list views or filters based on some volatile property like current time. For instance: “Show me all documents that were created today” or “Show me all documents that were created more than 7 days ago” […]

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Debugging SharePoint 2010

January 14, 2014 Matt Thornton 0

I’m posting this here as, despite using this all the time, I still find myself looking it up. There are a couple of things you can do, in your Dev environment, to assist with debugging SharePoint and your custom solutions. CustomErrors and SafeMode This should only be used in a […]

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SharePoint 2010 workflow stuck on starting

October 30, 2013 Matt Thornton 3

Using SharePoint Workflow (in fact, Nintex, but it applies to “standard” SharePoint workflow, after all, Nintex is just standard workflow with a few bells and whistles) on a document library and a workflow that is set to auto-start on document creation. The symptoms were: if you add a document to […]