Yes, more! Timer jobs not running!

November 24, 2017 Matt Thornton 4

OK, so I’ve posted 5 times in the last 2 days on various SharePoint related things. Any regular readers of this blog will know that is entirely out of the ordinary and does not take a genius to determine that I’ve been doing something with SharePoint and, as with most […]


SharePoint passphrase recovery

November 20, 2017 Matt Thornton 0

Was doing a Service Pack upgrade on a SharePoint installation and hit an unexpected error: Unable to create a Service Connection Point in the current Active Directory domain. Verify that the SharePoint container exists in the current domain and that you have rights to write to it. Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: The object […]

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Free D-Link G624T Wireless router. (Kind of.)

May 27, 2008 Matt Thornton 0

If you already own a D-Link G604T wireless router, then you can upgrade it to the G624T model, simply by flashing the firmware. The 624 firmware has many more configurable options, including much improved support for ADSL2+. Here’s what to do.