An observation about geeks

I was reading a blog today where a geek rather nicely explained the mechanism for getting a Lexmark printer driver to work under Ubuntu. It was quite a techy sounding answer and in the comments on the blog was the question (allegedly from the chap’s father), “How do you KNOW this stuff!!?”

The blog owner’s answer: I know how to use Google.

Which is such a valid point. The vast majority of “geeks”, aren’t, in fact, true geeks at all. People call me a geek, and yes, on the face of it I probably look like a geek. I have a whole raft of computers and whirry buzzy things in my house doing seemingly cool (and pointless) things. And let’s face it, I’m writing a blog, about techy/geek things. But in the same manner as the guy above, I only worked out how to do that stuff by pretty much copying / adapting what someone else has already done before by hunting it out on Google. And no doubt that guy copied / adapted it from someone who copied / adapted it from who copied / adapted it who, maybe, just maybe, got it from the person who actually figured it out in the first place. Those guys are the true geeks… and without them the world would be a pretty sorry looking place.

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  1. There’s no “alleged” about it – I have a birth certificate and everything 😉

    First rule of being a geek: Stand on the shoulders of giants. The view is much better from up there.

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