Battery change on a Brita Elemaris water jug filter

I own the Brita Elemaris water jug. Very happy with it as it’s slimline and fits neatly in the fridge. Could be a bit bigger, but hey, couldn’t most things.

The mini LCD readout on the top is pretty useful for knowing when to change the filter. I actually run it through twice, but nevertheless it’s good to know when it’s time to change. The readout is supposed to last 5 years and is not user serviceable. Well, I’m sad to report that it won’t last 5 years but fortunately it is is user serviceable. I’m sure they only tell you it’s not serviceable to get you to buy a new one, and although the jug is pretty cheap nowadays, I didn’t feel like splashing out £15 to replace a £2 battery.

It’s remarkably easy to do. You’ll need:

a) A couple of small flathead screwdrivers (the type you might find in a computer repair toolkit)
b) A CR2032 battery

  1. Pop the readout unit (with the white stalk) out of the jug lid
  2. Around three sides of the clear plastic unit, you’ll see tabs. One end doesn’t have tabs. Using the flathead screwdriver, gently pop the clear plastic up
  3. When you’ve done all three sides, gently release the whole bit from the far end
  4. Using both screwdrivers, release the little PCB from the holder
  5. Gently release the battery cage from the PCB
  6. Swap the battery
  7. Follow the steps in reverse to put it back together

Job done. Press and hold the reset button and all should be right again.


  1. I went on the Brita website and spoke to the online chat person and I am being sent a free one in 5 days.

  2. Hi,
    I managed to replace the battery easily, but when restarting it counts up way faster than i see on other youtube instruction videos. It’s like a loop test for all the indicators including the water droplets on the display. It stays like this until i push again, then it’s off, then i push & hold and it always stays on NEW with flickering water droplets on the right side. I tried all possible combinations (reactivate with water, without water, with sensor, without sensor, each time removing the battery) but no luck… Maybe they changed the firmware in the chip to avoid the self replacements?

  3. Yep just called Brita and they send you a replacement for free. Mine was glued shut so the plastic shatters if you try to open it. It will probably get water in it if I tried to replace myself.

  4. Yeah right so TOTALLY CRAP! Tried on the side with no tabs and ‘gently lifted’ only to crack the integrity of the casing. The lip then just broke away and in trying to work with the tiny part nearly stabbed a hole through my hand with the screw driver.
    Now I get to spend hours trolling for the new timer part OR I can just buy a whole new jug. FANTASTIC STUFF. Crap instructions that don’t work and are not worth your time to replace that parts. ALL part of the scam in this type of product. You pay through the ass for a jug and then they really bend you over on the filters only to have to spend time and or money attempting to repair it at a minimum cost. What you don’t pay in money they get from you in frustration and time. Because I have nothing else better to do with my time than spend a night fixing a damn water jug!! THANKS BRITA (NOT).

  5. You don’t need to change the battery. Brita will send you a new timer, for free. In fact they will send you any part of a filter jug for free [idk about kettles]. They make their money on the cartridges, so they are very generous with the other parts.

  6. Followed instructions, very good, thanks, but indicator just shows water droplets but no percentage. Any suggestions?

  7. Great instructions, thank you, thought I was going to have to buy a whole new unit. Had new battery at home, job done!!

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