Firefox tip and Google UK search add-on

I keep forgetting a nifty thing about Firefox. You have the quick search area at the top right corner of the browser. When you’re visiting a page that has a search box, if you click the icon to the left of the box, you might see the option to add that site to your quick search list.

The site will need to be implementing the Open Search kajiggers. For anyone wanting to do this, add the following line to your document:

and then create a file called Search.xml in the root of your site that looks like this.

replacing template=”” with the correct search URL for your site. Notice also the image is the base64 encoding of your 16 x 16 icon. Marvellous.

Anyway, it seems that Google UK doesn’t do this and I imagine, due to the availability of the above, Mozilla aren’t really maintaining the search extensions part of the Mozilla Org site, as searching for a Google UK quicksearch, isn’t helpful.

So here’s the XML you need. It will also make the default to use only UK pages.

In OSX, save the file in

YourUser > Library > Application Support > Firefox > searchplugins

In Windows XP:

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins


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