Guernsey iTunes store hack patched?

If you live in the Channel Islands – Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm – you are not allowed to use the iTunes store. Entering your postcode in the billing section simply gave you a message “the iTunes store is not available in your region”.

For quite some time, however, entering your postcode lower case would get around that restriction and work. Indeed it worked for me. At the time however, I didn’t enter any billing information. I just went in to try and that info and it won’t let me – with the same error as above. And it doesn’t seem to matter how you enter the postcode.

So unfortunately, it seems that particular workaround / hack for Guernsey iTunes store wannabe users has been patched. 🙁

UPDATE 1: Friends of mine have said that if you enter a valid postcode in the mainland, then that worked for them in the past. In theory that should ruin any chance of people able to buy something (your CC shouldn’t authorise…).
UPDATE 2: I just tried the above and got an error message, asking to enter a valid postcode (despite entering a bunch of valid postcodes), so it seems likely that they’re doing an IP address check now as well. Bastards. I have a few ideas on how to get round this.

UPDATE 3: Please read my post on how to access the itunes store from a restricted location which has instructions on how to get around this problem.


  1. yep….put a random postcode in and its downloading my music to my i tunes as i write this…….25 nov 2009…10pm {guernsey}

  2. I actually just tried it. I hadn’t realised you *have* to put in payment details (which I did). I just put in a bogus post code and it worked fine. I wonder, however, if with the bogus post code you can purchase things from iTunes if they’re used as your payment details?

  3. hi im also from jersey but ive never set up an account. is there a way to do this without already having one

  4. Pleased that worked for you, but this is exactly the thing that doesn’t always work. I’ve heard from a lot of people that the old way still works – sometimes. So there’s no guarantee the Click&Buy will work.

  5. ALright guys, i’m from jersey… i’ve been struggling to do this for ages but managed to get it to work. What you need to do is set up click and buy with BT with all your usual billing address’s etc then click on this option as the way for you to pay. Once you’ve clicked continue you will be asked to put in your address. I put in the address of my house in Jersey but for Town i put in the city i used to live in at uni and its post code – i’m sure you could select somewhere random as long as the town and postcode match and left the country blank. Just downloading my first song now after about a year trying to get this bloody thing to work

  6. Hi guys,

    I live in Guernsey and I have had exactly the same problem as you. I needed to update my itunes billing info and it wouldn’t accept my postcode. I tried and tried but no luck, this morning I have tried a random UK postcode and IT WORKED! WAHOOO! As I type this the ned Eminem album is downloading. Just thought I would let you know it is possible, good luck……

  7. Hi and thanks for leaving this blog for me to read and try for myself, but alas no luck as you said.. would like to be able to register so that i could download album artwork to my ipod at the very least would be nice..

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