One iTunes/iPod Touch/iPhone app you must use

Despite its failings as a phone, I really did like bits of the iPhone. The interface is amazing. The apps and app store stuff is brilliant. And whilst I love my Archos, as a Mac & iTunes user, getting music on to it and syncing and all that sort of stuff was just a nightmare I could no longer live with. So the obvious choice was to get an iPod Touch. So I have a 2nd gen 32gb iPod Touch and it really is brilliant. OK, so it’s missing the GPS, but other than that, it has all the benefits of the iPhone, minus the crappy phone bit.

And that, in particular, means apps. Yes, there’s been a hoohar over Apple’s policing of what apps it deems to be acceptable, but that does ultimately mean that the apps available to you are top notch. And one of those is the ITunes Remote*. It’s so simple – it connects to your shared iTunes library over wireless, and turns your iPod Touch or iPhone in to a full featured remote for your iTunes library. Which means, if used in conjunction with say Airport Express to distribute music around your house, you can have a really – erm – awesome home media thing. Your computer with iTunes can be anywhere in your house, you can have speakers wherever you are, and all you need is your Touch to adjust what’s playing. It works brilliantly. And – it’s free!

Thumbs up.

* I don’t know how to link to a iTunes app, but if you access the store, look in the free section and it’ll be there.

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