Setting up iPhone 7 from iPhone 6 backup

Have just upgraded my iPhone – from a 6 to a 7. I was wary but not too bothered about the backup/restore process as this is one thing that Apple/Mac/iPhone is usually really good at. It should just be a case of

  1. Plug in old phone. Backup
  2. Disconnect old phone. Put SIM in new phone
  3. Switch on new phone. Jump through various hoops.
  4. At the appropriate time, choose to restore from iTunes backup, connect new phone to computer and watch the magic.

Ha. This did not work. This was because my old phone was running OS10.2.1 whereas the phone shipped with OS10.2. So of course when I tried to restore the old phone backup to the new phone, it said it couldn’t do it – it was incompatible. Balls. No worries – I think – I’ll just update the new phone to 10.2.1 and all should work. Ha. No – because the phone is still in its opening new phone dance (Hello, Hola, etc.) – the point at which iTunes prompts you to input the phone pin to allow the update – clearly this doesn’t work, and the iPhone update fails with an ugly error message.

So the only way around this is:

  1. Set up your new iPhone as a new device
  2. Jump through the hoops ‘Next’-ing as many screens as you can.
  3. When you finally get the phone running, connect to iTunes and update it (or do OTA)
  4. When this finally finishes, you should then be able to restore the phone from your previous backup.

It really shouldn’t have been as difficult as this, but nevertheless, it seems to be working.

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