Phew – a Microsoft recommendation, not a hard limit


I was talking the other day about routes to splitting a large SharePoint content database in to multiple chunks. I was aghast to find that my route – to restore a content DB, clear out unneeded stuff, then backup-SPSite the site collection and then restore-SPsite it to the target location – was potentially not going to work:

SharePoint site collection backup and restore is only supported for a maximum site collection size of 100 GB. For larger site collections, the complete content database must be backed up. If multiple site collections larger than 100 GB are contained in a single content database, backup and restore operations can take a long time and are at risk of failure.

I had a 175gb site collection I wanted to apply this to. With few options left, I decided to fuck it just go for it.

The bad news… it took ages. 2 1/4 hours to backup and a further 5 hours to restore. But the good news… it worked exactly as hoped for!

So another Microsoft issued ‘recommended limit’ as opposed to a hard limit. (Your mileage may vary.)

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