Crossroads – Stamford, CT

Crossroads. The title of one of Eric Clapton’s (well, Cream*) greatest tracks and an awful chick-flick starring Britney “bury me in a Y-shaped coffin**” Spears. But both (presumably***) discuss the same topic – being at a juncture in life with various paths ahead of you.

A little perspective: I have left Mexico and returned to the US for a brief repose from the whole travelling thing. It was reasonably easy to leave Mexico, 7 weeks in moreorless the same place (Puerto Escondido) was enough. The surf had dropped off and I had had my fill of beautiful beaches, perfect weather and an endless supply of cocktails. It was about 10 minutes in to the flight out, that I began to wonder if any of that was actually true. How, exactly, had I had my fill of the beautiful beaches, perfect weather and endless supply of cocktails? Why was I trading it all for cold weather, city life and American people?

Well I don’t have an answer for that. But for now I remain in Connecticut, considering my options. And making silly videos.

And onwards. Where should I go next? Answers in the comments please.


P.S. Apologies for taking so long to update
P.P.S. Double apologies for using a Phil Collins video in the previous post

* Well, Robert Johnson actually
** Definition, made popular by Blackadder
*** I wouldn’t know, I spent most of the film asleep (or wondering if Britney was likely to get her kit off)


  1. now i know where you are, liked the video, now do what the above response says and get yo arse down to guat or beyond. nice to see me on you toobe man, you look well

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