Surf Snowdonia – 10 things about a trip there

July 17, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

You’re unlikely to be reading this is if you haven’t heard of Surf Snowdonia. But if you haven’t – it’s the world’s first commercial inland wave adventure parc. Or in other words, it’s a surfable wave in a lagoon nowhere near the sea. The park opened in 2015 to much […]

HTML5 input number and search

June 15, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

Hurrah! Long gone are the days of frantically worrying whether or not your flashy new website is going to display nicely in IE5 and Netscape (‘Nutscrape’ Lolz) and the heady days of Firefox (you know, before it became total bloatware.) HTML5, CSS3.0, frameworks like Bootstrap and even – would you […]

Explosive Search Dogs

May 16, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

People often ask me why grammar and sentence structure and so on are important. From now on, I’ll simply tell them that without it, you end up with explosive search dogs.

Safari hiding png images! WHAAAT?!

May 12, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

So this just perplexed me for a while. <img src="bob.png" alt="bob" /> Nothing wrong with that right? Worked great in Chrome but Safari… no image. A quick look in the Developer console in Safari showed something weird – the img tag was being appended with all sorts of crap. display: […]

Sons of Anarchy Season 7

April 26, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

SO OK… I’m way behind the times, but I finally got around to finishing Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. Usual sort of binge-watching-series-that-should-probably-have-quit-3-seasons-ago delusion had set in, and whilst I had a duty to find out what happened to Jax et al, it wasn’t right up there on the […]

Book Companies and Pearl Necklaces

April 26, 2016 Matt Thornton 0

Ah book companies, the Kleeneze of the book-and-chines-tat world. You’ve probably got one in your office – the company that comes by every so often, drops a box of miscellaneous odds and sods in your canteen and then comes back a week later to see who wants to pay £19.99 […]

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