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Bulk delete items from SharePoint Document Library with Powershell – with filters

June 26, 2019 Matt Thornton 0

I recently posted some Powershell for bulk / batch emptying a SharePoint document library ( which works nicely. (As long as you remember that the Batch Delete XML syntax is incredibly fiddly and sensitive! Case is important and backticks are required to escape stuff.) Anyway; it works great to empty […]

Ben Nevis, North Face via Tower Ridge

June 9, 2019 Matt Thornton 0

We (my Father and I) ascended Ben Nevis via Tower Ridge on 10th May 2019. We had a pretty hairy experience. I’ve been meaning to write this up since – but things have been busy so it… slipped. But news today that a climber died after being struck by lightning […]


Sharepoint – Open .eml files in Outlook

January 10, 2019 Matt Thornton 0

If you use email enabled document libraries or indeed any other method of storing email messages (commonly created in Exchange / Outlook) in Sharepoint document libraries then they are more than likely stored in .eml format (that first appeared in Outlook Express) as opposed to the more modern .msg format. […]

Basic web scraping with a Raspberry Pi, Python and Requests

January 6, 2019 Matt Thornton 10

Update: 2020-04-13. Article has been overhauled and republished here! Includes Python3 updates, Dropbox uploading and a code repo. I’m leaving the below in place for background, info and posterity and for misc useful tidbits. Update: 2019-05-13 – this has been edited to fix a little bug in the code transcript. […]